Our professional MFAA Approved Credit Advisers utilise industry-leading technology to help identify the loan that best suits your individual set of circumstances. The Milbrokers technology is geared to:

  • Identify the lenders that may qualify your loan application;
  • Compare different loan products to help identify the most suitable;
  • Identify your total borrowing capacity;
  • Calculate all fees related to purchasing your new home and the loan;
  • Calculate the effective rate that identifies the true interest rate after factoring all fees and charges;
  • Calculate a range of loan repayments;
  • Assist you with a savings calculator & planner for an upcoming purchase;
  • Assist you when trying to decide whether to buy or rent a property with our rent versus buy simulator;
  • Present mortgage minimising strategies;
  • Show you how to utilise the equity in your existing property for investment and other purposes;
  • Demonstrate the possible benefits associated with negative gearing rental properties and other investments.


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