Home Loans

First Home Buyer
Buying your first home can be a challenging task and there are a number of elements to consider especially with your home loan…
Returning Customers
Let Milbrokers make the purchase of your next home an easy one. Let us simplify your finance now… 
Want to make sure your are not paying too much on your current loan….? 
Investment Loan
Whether this is your first investment or you are adding to your portfolio, we can provide you the right strategy to maximise….
Renovation or Extension
hlbox1 There are many reasons for choosing to renovate rather than move. There are large costs involved when purchasing a new home and this…
Your Next Home
We understand our clients’ needs and our staff are here to ensure your experience with the purchase of your next home is a smooth one…
Debt Consolidation
Fundamentally a consolidation loan is about replacing multiple loans and debts, such as credit cards and personal loans, and consolidating…
  Construction Loan 
Construction loans are suitable to build a new home on a vacant block of land. This includes buying a house and land package or conducting major renovations.